In Depth Presentation

Hello Guests, Welcome to my In Depth Presentation on Knitting. My name is Kellen and I chose to learn how to knit for my In Depth project because I was keen to learn something new that I would normally not have learned. Last year, I chose to do woodworking because it was already a passion […]

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In Depth Blog Post #1 Knitting

Background Information For my Grade 10 In Depth Project I have decided to pursue knitting. Over the course of the project I will be learning a variety of different stitches and techniques that I can apply to my knitting. Joon and I have decided to work on this project together and help each other develop […]

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Eminent Introductory Blog Post

“The goal you set must be challenging. At the same time, it should be realistic and attainable, not impossible to reach. It should be challenging enough to make you stretch, but not so far that you break.” -Rick Hansen The person I chose for Eminent this year is Rick Hansen. Rick’s story is what draws […]

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CLE Universities Assignment

Clinical Doctor University of British Columbia University of Toronto Harvard University Money About $15,334 per year on living costs About $14,780 per year for undergraduate degree in medicine Medical School Costs: Year 1: $22,199.45 Year 2:$19,878.45 Year 3: $20,022.69 Year 4: $27,129.69 About $24,690.00 for an undergraduate degree (Doctor of medicine) About $13,500 in living […]

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Three Jobs and Their Details

  Anesthesiologist   Ophthalmologist  Radiologist  Education  12 years of University, 4 year undergraduate degree, usually a pre med major (Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc). Next is a 4 year residency, the first year being an internship followed by 3 years of residency  Bachelor’s degree and a 4 year doctor of medicine and a 3 year residency in […]

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